Village Life and a step in the right direction….

We are starting to see signs of progress with our Recycling Initiative in our small village in Hong Kong. We have got into a rhythm of running the event on the first Saturday of every month, with more and more people turning up every month we are starting to get into the swing of things.

Looking back, our first collection of recyclables was only enough to fill the back of mine and my neighbors car. 6 months on a we have a huge ‘8 tonne truck’ coming to pick at the recyclables directly from the village which is great.

We have also been in contact with a local recycling company who last week dropped off  2 new glass collection bins in the village as a pilot. If this is successful and we can demonstrate demand then they have said they would be willing to provide more types of bins as well..

If we can demonstrate demand and change behaviors in our small village then the potential to have an influence in other villages and towns in Hong Kong is huge. This the Leadership Challenge  I hope to address.

From a leadership perspective I think the lesson is to find like minded individuals and just start. Don’t over think things, just started and adapted as you go. We didn’t have a 10 page power point or 5 ‘SMART’ targets or KPIs, we just started… I hope to take some of this approach into my professional life as well.

“Action counts more than elegant plans and concepts”  Pfeffer & Sutton, (2000) 




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