Icelands Cold Decisions

Christmas 2018 saw Iceland (the frozen food U.K retailer) release a controversial advert in partnership with Greenpeace. So controversial that it was banned from being aired on national television networks by Clearcast who approve ads on behalf of broadcasters. The ban I think actually helped create more awareness of the advert which may or may not have been the original intent…  The advert highlights the issues of palm oil plantations and its contribution to deforestation of tropical rainforest. For me what is interesting is that this is not an instance of a premium food brand trying to show off their credentials to middle class consumers but a lower end retailer using a partnership with green peace to educate their customers whilst also making their own commitments. It strikes me as a well-balanced approach to changing the perceptions about their brand. This has been done by being controversial with their partnership but also making a change to the products they make and sell. They have gone further than “shaking hands” and have actually overhauled their own products. A brave step when the lower tier food retailers are extremely competitive (sensitive) on prices.


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